Lynette Sanders Photography: Blog en-us (C) Lynette Sanders Photography (Lynette Sanders Photography) Tue, 16 Jan 2018 01:03:00 GMT Tue, 16 Jan 2018 01:03:00 GMT Lynette Sanders Photography: Blog 120 80 The Next Step, Downloading We want to say thanks again for choosing Lynette Sanders Photography.  We value your time, and know what goes into getting ready for a photo session.  It starts days before the session even begins: choosing outfits, coordinating, getting ready, and the time itself that is involved.  We loved working with your family and now that you have selected your favorite images, and been delivered your Final Edited Gallery for downloading we hope these instructions will be of help to you.



Once you receive your Completed Gallery you will be delivered a link, once you click on that link you will be ask for your password and a page such as the one below will ask for this password: 


After entering your password and clicking GO, this page below (YOUR beautiful gallery) will open.  You will see several options across the top right are available to you. You will select the first option:  SELECT.  Once you have clicked on SELECT you can go over to the top left and click on CHOOSE ALL.


After you have clicked on SELECT ALL, you will then go back up to the top right, and click on DOWNLOAD.  


After you click DOWNLOAD, you will see this page just below, asking for your email where you would like your download gallery to be delivered to.


You can expect to see this message next.



And lastly you will receive the email with your zip file, loaded with your high resolution images.  Simply click on the link you in that email and unzip the file onto your computer. Please make sure to place them in a location that you will be able to find them. I would recommend you to place them on your desk top if you are not sure where to place them.

If you have no experience with unzipping a file, you can google how to unzip a file on your particular operating system.   


Your high resolution files need to be downloaded within a  month.  Your gallery will close 30 days after delivery.  If your gallery closes and you have not yet downloaded your images, there is a fee to reopen the gallery.  The service fee to reopen the gallery is $35. 


Thanks again,

Lynette & Renee 

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Christmas has come and gone! I am so grateful for each of our clients here at Lynette Sanders Photography!  In addition to being super booked and busy since the Fall, my sisters and I have been dealing with a very sick parent who was in and out of hospital for months, I kind of let my blogging here at Lynette Sanders Photography go to the way side.  You know there are times in our lives where we have to make decisions on what things we are to let take a back burner. This was one of those times.   I am happy to be back catching up on some past sessions and giving you all a little peek of what I did in November.    I love working with families each holiday season to create beautiful festive family portraits that will be shared on Christmas cards as well as mounted and framed for the walls of their beautiful homes.  Many of my clients have come back year after year during this season,  then I have other clients who book with me each summer to chronicle the growth of their family members; it is always fun to see each family from year to year!

I hope you spent some time planning after the new year, making goals and plans for the things that you will accomplish, visit and partake in during the year of 2017!  

Here are a few of the Holiday Sessions from 2016 that I shot in November and December of this past year! Enjoy!

Danielle Christmas 16-1232Danielle Christmas 16-1232ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY


Mays-9842Mays-9842 Christmas 2016-2701Christmas 2016-2701ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Christmas 2016-2773Christmas 2016-2773ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Espino Christmas-0864Espino Christmas-0864ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY untitled-1316-Edit-2untitled-1316-Edit-2ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY untitled-1326-2untitled-1326-2ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Janice Christmas Mini-0274Janice Christmas Mini-0274ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Janice Christmas Mini-0341Janice Christmas Mini-0341ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Janice Christmas Mini-0302Janice Christmas Mini-0302ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY bary family 2016-2812bary family 2016-2812ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY bary family 2016-2786bary family 2016-2786ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Christmas 2016-2503Christmas 2016-2503ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Christmas 2016-2522Christmas 2016-2522ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY untitled-9679untitled-9679ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Christmas Mini 2016-0625Christmas Mini 2016-0625ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Christmas Mini 2016-0610Christmas Mini 2016-0610ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Paruch Nov 2016-0025-Edit-2Paruch Nov 2016-0025-Edit-2ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Paruch Nov 2016-9907Paruch Nov 2016-9907ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Sinclair Family Mini-0903-EditSinclair Family Mini-0903-EditALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Sinclair Family Mini-0938Sinclair Family Mini-0938ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Sinclair Family Mini-0951-2Sinclair Family Mini-0951-2ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Sinclair Family Mini-1023Sinclair Family Mini-1023ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY Merry Christmas-3097Merry Christmas-3097ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY



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Grow With Me - Lifestyle Portraiture Welcome to the area sweet family!  I love adding new, grow with me, clients to my planner.  This sweet family has been recording the growth of their children every two months up to the first year and then yearly there after.  Babies grow and change so much in that first year, I think this is a fantastic idea.  Kuddo's to you guys.  I loved being in their home recording these moments in a lifestyle portrait style manner.   Their babies turned 2 years old, and 4 months old.  I look forward to seeing them again in just a few months!


20160805_-111-Edit-220160805_-111-Edit-2ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY 20160805_-7120160805_-71ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY 20160805_-11220160805_-112ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY 20160805_-17020160805_-170ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY 20160805_-24420160805_-244ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY 20160805_-15520160805_-155ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY

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Happy 4th Birthday R! These are a few of the shots from "R"'s milestone session this month!  She turned 4.  I am so glad her mom and dad choose to record these milestones in still images to preserve this fleeting time.   Before you know it your children are grown and gone, it hardly seems fair.   "R" and I walked along the pathway there at Watercolor Park to find suitable places for us to step into and record her at her best!  This image below is her with her BEST smile!


20160814 River turns 4-2520160814 River turns 4-25


Having raised two boys, when she asked to get into the trees for pictures, I was well prepared! The tree shots were her favorite!

20160814 River turns 4-6920160814 River turns 4-69


While working the area and getting these gorgeous shots, she told me that she was her sisters "hero". I loved it.  You should have seen the pride in her face when she told me this story.  Just fantastic! So below, we captured a moment of her 4 year old self with her 6 month old sister.  

20160814 River turns 4-24520160814 River turns 4-245ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY


Wet toes, when a stream or fountain is nearby is almost inevitable!

20160814 River turns 4-18920160814 River turns 4-189ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY

And here's your family shot!

20160814 River turns 4-9320160814 River turns 4-93

20160814 River turns 4-20320160814 River turns 4-203ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY

20160814 River turns 4-15820160814 River turns 4-158ALYNETTE SANDERS PHOTOGRAPHY

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Happy FIRST Birthday little princess! This sweet pea was a bit shy and quite serious when we first started, but she warmed up quite nicely.  That first year passes by way too fast doesn't it?


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Unicorn fairy tale time at Erilyn Farm NIcci Unicorn Shoot-2489NIcci Unicorn Shoot-2489 NIcci Unicorn Shoot-2510NIcci Unicorn Shoot-2510 NIcci Unicorn Shoot-2516NIcci Unicorn Shoot-2516 NIcci Unicorn Shoot-2540NIcci Unicorn Shoot-2540 NIcci Unicorn Shoot-2573NIcci Unicorn Shoot-2573

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Free spirit with Snowflake the Unicorn This girl.  This momma needs to get this little signed up for modeling! She was a hoot. I did position her some in posing, but mostly she posed herself.  She was loving my camera and my camera was LOVING her!  She and Snowflake made fast friends.   Can you see how freespirited she is?!

Unicorn Session-7303Unicorn Session-7303 Unicorn Session-7320Unicorn Session-7320 Unicorn Session-7335Unicorn Session-7335 Ellie Unicorn Session-2287Ellie Unicorn Session-2287 Ellie Unicorn Session-2374Ellie Unicorn Session-2374

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Fairy tale time before leaving Florida To spend time with a unicorn on a wet rainy morning in and of itself can be some what like a fairy tale, but to couple that with one of the last things before you pull out of Florida on a family move is another.   This family was heading off to their new duty station, many miles away and this was one of the last things they did on their last day here. Such a sweet family!  

unicorn-2235unicorn-2235 unicorn-2236unicorn-2236 unicorn-2254unicorn-2254 unicorn-2256unicorn-2256 unicorn-2279unicorn-2279

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Frolicking in the forest with Unicorns When I look back over these images it amazes me at how fast time passes us by.  Time stands still for no one.  Just a year ago, I was taking this little princesses newborn photos!  She rocked her time with Snowflake and seemed to love every moment of it!  

unicorn-2108unicorn-2108 unicorn-2111unicorn-2111 unicorn-2150unicorn-2150 unicorn-2184unicorn-2184

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These two became friends before the end! I love looking through this gallery. As this session started this sweet little one was a bit timid and afraid of the Unicorn. You can see in the first image below how she was willing, but distanced herself.   As you look through the other images I am sharing here,  you can see how she let her guard down and really fell in love with Snowflake and did not fear her.  What a fun session!  Thanks again Christine for choosing to have me capture yet another memory for your family!


Kymbree & Unicorn-1770Kymbree & Unicorn-1770

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Sisters share time with Snowflake the Unicorn at Erilyn Farm These two little ones were a bit timid in the beginning, which is totally understandable!  Snowflake was tender and caring with them and after a while they did warm up to her. I think they really enjoyed their time with the magical unicorn and had the opportunity to make some sweet memories in the "forrest" with the "unicorn".   I have had several sibling pairs as well as some mom and daughters! FUN!

Baez Unicorn Shoot-1811Baez Unicorn Shoot-1811 Baez Unicorn Shoot-1828Baez Unicorn Shoot-1828 Baez Unicorn Shoot-1848Baez Unicorn Shoot-1848 Baez Unicorn Shoot-1864Baez Unicorn Shoot-1864 Baez Unicorn Shoot-1940Baez Unicorn Shoot-1940 Baez Unicorn Shoot-1945Baez Unicorn Shoot-1945

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Snowflake the Unicorn gains new friends! <span style="color:#000000;"><span style="font-size:14px;"><span style="font-family:cambria,georgia,times,times new roman,serif;">The Unicorn with the long white horn Is beautiful and wild. He gallops across the forest green So quickly that he&#39;s seldom seen Where Peacocks their blue feathers preen And strawberries grow wild. He flees the hunter and the hounds, Upon black earth his white hoof pounds, Over cold mountain streams he bounds And comes to a meadow mild; There, when he kneels to take his nap, He lays his head in a lady&#39;s lap As gently as a child. --William Jay Smith</span></span></span> I am happy to have been able to work with all ages for the unicorn shoots, but this age  and those a older has been perfect for Snowflake. She seems to take to them a little better. I love these precious images of these sweet little girls living out a little fairy tale.   It is good for us to have sweet memories hung on the hooks of our memory!


Gabby Unicorn Shoot-1695Gabby Unicorn Shoot-1695 Gabby Unicorn Shoot-1686Gabby Unicorn Shoot-1686 Gabby Unicorn Shoot-1647Gabby Unicorn Shoot-1647 Gabby Unicorn Shoot-1654Gabby Unicorn Shoot-1654

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It all started here... It all started here!  A previous client, turned friend and repeat client several times over contacted me about doing a "unicorn session" for her daughters birthday.  I loved the idea right away, but laughed and asked her if she had a unicorn.  She did all the leg work and located this sweet white pony, Snowflake who has become the famous (in the small world of Lynette Sanders Photography).    The sweet little princess that have come out over the lsat few months to spend some time with Snowflake the Unicorn and have their portraits made  with her has really been such a delight!  I am so grateful to Cindy for her asking me to do such a shoot!   Do you have an idea for a shoot you want to see lived out?  Go ahead, ask!  We will see what we can do.  

This was snowflakes first unicorn shoot and she did such a beautiful job.  This sweet young princess was a natural with her as well and Snowflake took to her quite nicely!  You can see the magic and beauty that we experienced in person on that hot July evening!


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Fairy Tales Do Come True - Unicorn Photo Shoots A long time ago, when the Earth was green
There was more kinds of animals than you've ever seen
They'd run around free while the Earth was being born
And the loveliest of all was the unicorn.

There was . . .
Green alligators and long-necked geese
Some humpty backed camels and some chimpanzees
Some cats and rats and elephants, but sure as you're born
The loveliest of all was the unicorn.

Unicorn Sessions will be available again in September!  Please contact me for more information on booking/pricing and scheduling!  You can visit my facebook fanpage for more 

Hadley Unicorn Shoot-2619Hadley Unicorn Shoot-2619 Hadley Unicorn Shoot-2630Hadley Unicorn Shoot-2630 Gracie Unicorn Mini-2950-EditGracie Unicorn Mini-2950-Edit

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Welcome Home, thanks for your service!

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Welcome Home Airman! I love this reunion story!  Enjoy and thank a service member today for their service and sacrifice!

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Herring Family Beach Session

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Peel Family at Erilyn Farm

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Cable Family Beach Session

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Welcome Home Airman L I am ever so grateful each time I get a call from a spouse of a servicemember seeking WELCOME HOME photos!  I continue to offer these as a gift, not one penny is exchanged.   This little guy was so happy to have his daddy back!  Please thank a service member for his/her service to our country!

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