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 I get a little giddy just thinking about my life story up to present. I am married to my high school sweetheart for 32 amazing years now! We started our love story together in southeast Georgia, circa 1985, shortly thereafter we moved to North Carolina with the US Army. Many years later of the ups and downs of military life, in 2009, the Army moved us to the beautiful Northwest Florida area due to the BRAC movement. You can now find us in Northwest Florida where we are  living our simple little dream and our best life on a 6 acre farm property tucked away in the middle of Okaloosa County.

 My husband and I have been blessed with two of the best young men you can find and they went and brought daughters to the family; we love our daughterinlaws so much!  Our oldest son and daughter-in-love live nearby while our youngest son is almost a full day of driving away.  Each year during the holidays we all coordinate clothing, choose a location and plan family portraits just like you!  We totally understand what goes into getting ready for a family shoot!  We want to make sure we facilitate as much fun and a stress free time while shooting your family portraits!  

I have had a camera in my hands since middle school, and while I have no professional training, I would be confident to say that I have an understanding of the elements of photography that create an excellent image.  I started my practice with my younger sister and her willing friends. Many days went by with me having dressed them up, set up backdrops and clicking the shutter button on my point and shoot all those years ago.   I am always experimenting with these elements that I might gain more and more knowledge in order to perfect my craft to the next level. I have also enrolled in and completed photography courses, joined local shoot outs, and when I have the opportunity I work alongside other professionals as a team in our area. 


You will find two professional grade DSLR cameras in my bag along with a number of great prime lenses.  I have video capabilities on both of my cameras for ceremonies, special events, but most commonly for my journalistic birth story sessions.  

Aside from pressing that shutter button.. I dearly enjoy spending time with my family and friends making lifetime memories. These are a few of my favorite things: quilting, reading, writing, gardening, organizing, and documenting life through my lense! One of the things I really like to do for those who are visiting or staying with us is to cook good food, eat and be merry. My husband and I live on a small farm and grow many vegetables and fruits year round as well as keep more chickens than the law allows (just kidding about that part.. but we keep ALOT of chickens), as well as turkeys, 6 beehives, a couple of noisy piglets,  a white unicorn and a cow! All of those things result in GOOD food! So when I am not busy with a client during a photo session, I might be capturing one of our many creatures on film or laboring in one of our gardens. 

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